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Pacific Customs Dealer Information
( Wholesale Program )


Our discreet drop shipping service allows us to ship our products to your customer, just as if the items had left from your facility. This eliminates the need for you to constantly carry inventory while still allowing you to offer quality products to your valued customers.

Pacific Customs handles the logistics:

  • Custom label printing for FedEx, UPS, and US Postal Service

  • 7000+ Parts to choose from

  • You can place your order via fax or on our website

  • You can check your wholesale prices on our website

  • Shipping cost are rated from our Corona, CA location. If your customer is ordering seats, rims, or tires, and they're in California, they'll get the best possible rates.

  • Just for comparison you're welcome to create an account on our website and we can "unlock" the account so you can see our wholesale prices.

  • Saves you packaging material and labor
  • In order to become a Pacific Customs dealer you must meet the following requirements:

  • Buy In or Buying in Bulk
  • We evaluate applicants for wholesale on a case by case basis. We are primarily a retail store. An initial buy in of $2,000.00 paid for up front with either a Cashiers Check or Money Order - No Personal / Business Checks for the initial buy in, all subsequent orders may be payed with a Business Check upon credit approval. If you only want to purchase a specific item but want to buy in bulk we do offer bulk pricing on a per order basis. For instance if you wanted 20 fuel tanks we would certainly give you a discount. We are not going to discount 4 tires for your own personal car. Buying 4 tires is not buying in "BULK".
  • Stocking Order:
  • The buy in must contain a stocking order. For example we will not set up an account for someone who is trying to purchase their own personal car's worth of parts and happens to have a business license.
  • Customers within California:
  • A valid business license proving that you are in the automotive industry and valid California resale certificate.
  • Customers outside of California:
  • A valid business license proving that you are in the automotive industry. If your state does not require a business license, then we will accept some form of proof that you are conducting business... Advertisements in magazines, phone book, etc.
  • Amount of discount:
  • There is no set percentage across the board for wholesale discounts. Every item that we sell has a different discount based on OUR cost. If you would like to see what wholesale prices are before you buy in, you can create an account by clicking the ACCOUNT tab at the top of this page. Then click on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT. After you have filled in all of your information either call us or email us and we will temporarily enable your account so you can see all of our wholesale pricing online for 5 days. If you decide to proceed with the buy in you can purchase all of your product at a wholesale price on our website. You can see your current cost at any time simply by logging in to your account. If you purchase your product online instead of calling us or faxing us we offer an addition 5% off of your wholesale price.
    For further information you can send an email on our contact page or you can call or fax us:

    Tom or Chris
    Phone: 951.738.8380
    Fax: 951.738.0873

    Pacific Customs Wholesale Program

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